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23 Sep 2020

Pinewood Studios, home to James Bond and Star Wars, set to house major visitor attraction

The UK's best-known film studio, used for the filming of blockbusters such as the James Bond and Star Wars franchises, is set to house a major new visitor attraction.

Called "Pinewood Studio Experience", the 350,000sq ft themed attraction will be inspired by the hit films and older classics to have been filmed at Pinewood – which range from Oliver Twist and the Carry On series, to Oscar-winning sci-fi thriller Alien and several of the Marvel movies.

The development of the attraction will be at the heart of a planned £450m expansion of the Pinewood Studios complex.

Under the working title "Screen Hub UK", the expansion will be based on a 77-acre site adjacent to the existing studio facilities.

As well as the visitor attraction, Screen Hub UK will include new film production facilities, an educational training and skills hub, a creative industries business growth hub and a "green campus".

The project will utilise the Government’s Creative Industries and Tourism Sector Deal and is set to create around 3,500 new jobs and add £125m into the tourism industry each year.

“The Government has recognised Pinewood Studios as a major economic asset to be enhanced with the creation of a screen growth hub for the UK," said Pinewood Group chair Paul Golding.

"We've been looking at a visitor experience for some time and feel that now is the right moment to bring it forward. The project will strengthen UK film and bring much needed jobs and spending. We hope our planning application will receive widespread support.”

Last year, entertainment giant Disney signed a deal for the use of 20 stages and auxiliary facilities at the complex for at least a decade.

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