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17 Sep 2010

Double summer time lobbying intensifies

A report outlining the benefits of introducing Central European Time (CET) in the UK is to be published on Thursday 23 September in Edinburgh.

The report, which has been written by Mayer Hillman of the Policy Studies Institute, was commissioned by the British Association British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA), which has been one of the leaders of the daylight saving campaign for the last six years.

In June, Conservative backbench MP Rebecca Harris tabled a Private Member's Bill to require the Secretary of State to conduct a cross-departmental analysis of the potential costs and benefits of advancing time by one hour for all, or part of, the year and to require the Secretary of State to take certain action in the light of the analysis.

In August, Prime Minister David Cameron said he would "consider seriously" the bill, which is due to be debated in the Commons in December.

He added: "It's up to those who want to make the change to make the argument to try to convince people right across the country that it's a good thing. That's the key to winning this argument."

The daylight saving campaign is supported by a range of companies and associations, including BALPPA, Lighter Later (a part of the 10:10 group), ROSPA, Greenpeace, Travelodge, CCPR (Central Council for Physical Recreation) and Sustrans.

Martin Barratt, BALPPA chief executive, said: "The campaign for Daylight saving is gathering momentum as the benefits which will result from its introduction become better known. How often do we have the chance to improve the lives of all UK citizens with an initiative which costs virtually nothing? I think that once it is introduced we will only wonder why it took so long."

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